I grew up in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador and now live among the endless 523469_543645244983_139547855_ncornfields of Indiana.

With a deep love for epic stories (anything from prarie romances to sic-fi & fantasy), I often find myself falling through wormholse into other times (or galaxies), and getting too involved with fictional characters.

I started (seriously) writing three years ago. I didn’t let my inner editor slow me down, but wrote with total abandon until I finished a messy first draft. Then, when I knew I had it in me to finish a novel, I took up learning the craft.

I’m currently writing a dystopian series, but have a science fiction romance and a paranormal romance on the back burner.

I also write flash fiction in all genres. You can find my first published piece of flash fiction in Splickety Love Magazine.  I have another story contracted to publish in July (2014) with it’s sister magazine, Havok.

Now that I’ve begun writing, I can’t stop. The art of writing is unquenchable, yet so incredibly satisfying. I’m obsessed.


Follow me on twitter: @sarambaysinger


3 thoughts on “Sarala

  1. I’m glad you are discovering what you really love to do! Keep going full steam ahead and don’t get discouraged. I am so very proud of you!

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