Blisters On Our Souls

As I type this, I’m struggling with the D and E keys. Why? Because my middle finger has a giant blister on the tip. After five years of not playing guitar, I finally picked it up and played for an hour straight. Now, I’m not a musician in any way. The reason I haven’t played guitar in five years is because, frankly, I’m not very good. And it’s sort of a humbling experience to hear how bad I am.


So why did I do it?

Because, for a fleeting moment, I missed playing. I missed getting lost in the music created by ME. I ignored how bad I was. I skipped the chords I didn’t know very well. I belted the words out in my hoarse, strangled voice that comes with having a cold. I strummed the heck out of that thing until my fingers, quite literally, bled.

And it felt good.

Because the passion I felt transcended any pain. When I sang, when I focused on the chords and the melody and the lyrics, I didn’t even notice my numb fingers or the blister that was slowly growing.

And can’t we all relate? Artist or not, when we really want something, no matter how silly or unrealistic or difficult, we do everything in our power to get it. We forget our pain. We ignore our fear. We keep our eyes on one target and little else. And we fight and fight and fight past our doubts, and we strive and strive and strive towards that goal, until there’s nothing but blisters on our souls and the delicious feeling of victory.


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