Finding Time to Write

Finding time to write.

It’s almost impossible, isn’t it? With a full-time job, kids, school, it’s hard to carve out time for something that may not seem as important to anyone else but you. Before I had kids, I went through an hour long process just to PREPARE myself to write. I mean, I would put on my comfy clothes, make coffee, grab a snack, spend a few minutes on social media, look over what I wrote the day before… AND THEN write.


After having kids? I don’t have that luxury. (Hence, the lack of blog-posts this past year.) I’m lucky to get ten minutes of actual writing done between managing household chores, wiping snot off my toddler’s nose, and nursing my three-month-old.

Finding time to write almost seems like a hassle.

Finding time to write almost doesn’t seem worth it.

Why bother?

Well, when you want something badly enough, you do everything in your power to get it. I want to finish my books. I want to get them published so I can share them with the world. I want to start making money (no matter how small the paycheck) for all this work I’ve put into my writing. But I have to write, rewrite, and edit my books several times before I get to that point. And I have to have TIME to write, rewrite, and edit.

But how?

Little sacrifices. Tiny increments.

The Little Sacrifice:

I value my sleep. Since I have to wake up every few hours to nurse my baby, and since my toddler has this nasty habit of waking up before 6 a.m., then I look forward to crawling under the sheets and passing out as soon as possible. Every second of sleep is precious. And if I forego the bed, I’m tempted to just sit and stare at the t.v. like some sort of zombie until sleep claims me. It’s just the way life is with kids. Exhausting. Mind-numbing.

But if I want to get any writing done, I have to sacrifice my sleep. I have to use this time––these wee hours in the night when everyone is asleep––to do what won’t get done otherwise. I have to force myself out of zombie mode, snap my brain to attention, open up my computer… and write. I have to… you get the idea.

The Tiny Increments:

Like I said before, I’m squeezing these words between other chores. I write a sentence, the baby starts crying and I’m up to tend to her. After calming her down, I sit to write another sentence––or, Lord willing––another paragraph, and here my toddler is right now, handing me a stack of important papers that probably shouldn’t have been within reach. Oh, and now he’s throwing cashews on the floor. And now he’s rummaging through the utility drawer.

See? I’m still getting some writing done, even through all the chaos going on around me. 😉

What about you? How do you find time to write in them midst of a busy life?


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