GO BACK and do it again.

There always comes a point in my writing that I begin to rethink my story as a whole. I realize plot holes need to be filled, better decisions need to be made by my character (that suit him/her), and the story basically needs to be revised and rewritten completely.

This has happened with my past four manuscripts. I’d reach to the midpoint of the story… and then hit a block. I don’t know if it’s because the writing is atrocious up to that point, so I go back and make it better because I need to have faith in the story in order to finish it, or if it’s because of major plot twists that need to be added before I continue (since they will affect the entire story). Either way, I go back and rewrite what I have. No matter how hard I try to fight the urge, the story needs to change. But in the end, it will be better, the work would have been be worth it.photo 1

Since I am a seat-of-the-pants writer–or, the more modern term, organic writer–I don’t take as much time as I should to truly discover who my character is. I know, I know. In the writing world this is practically a sin. You should research your character before writing about her. You should quiz her, study her, interview her… I know. But even when I do that, my character usually evolves, anyway. I slowly discover my heroine and how she deals with certain situations while I write, not before I write. And it’s not usually until I reach the midpoint of my book that I realize who she is.

Once I have gone back and revised/rewritten the first half the draft, the rest of the writing process flows much easier. I know where the story is going, and I understand my character inside and out. Finishing the story comes a lot easier after I’ve rewritten the first half. It’s getting through the rewriting process that’s the hard part.

2 thoughts on “GO BACK and do it again.

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