‘Tis Nearing Winter’s End

‘Tis nearing winter’s end.

I keep telling myself that I as I curl up in my favorite chair with a warm vanilla latte in hand.

‘Tis nearing winter’s end.

Maybe the more I repeat that phrase, the sooner spring will come.

This has been snowiest winter I’ve ever experienced. With only glimpses of the ground beneath the inches and inches of hard-packed snow, I begin to wonder if North America has evolved into some alternate version of Antarctica. The sky remains a dusky gray 90% of the time. The air is cold, frigid. Biting. Our furnace, set at 68, kicks on every five minutes it seems. And I’m left wondering, Will winter ever end? Last year, the season seeped throughout the month of March, snowing until the 31st. Today marks the first weekend in March, and despite the 60 degree weather set for the next few days, snow is already scheduled for Wednesday. I’m wondering if this year will be any different from the last.


‘Tis nearing winter’s end.

I count down the weeks, the days, the hours, and maybe someday I’ll have something to show for it.

But for now, I’ll sip my warm coffee, walk around in my cozy slippers and favorite IU sweatshirt, and dream of warmth, sweaty hikes, and trees who’s leaves and bark practically glow in the sunlight.

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