You Can Still Be Free

Listening to You Can Still Be Free by Savage Garden. A song that helped shape the years of my youth. I remember feeling trapped behind the hormonal emotions of my pre-teen years, behind my own fears and regrets.

And this song gave me hope that it would soon pass.

When I was thirteen, I would lay in bed in our house in Ecuador and listen to this song over and over and over again full blast. I would close my eyes and just escape from everything that held me back, imagining crimson skies and mountain tops.

I remember sitting in my homeschool classroom one day, this song running through my head. I took out a scrap piece of paper and drew what I felt. The picture depicted a bird flying toward the sun, toward freedom (as it stated in the lyrics). In the corner of the sky was a clock- a sign of time ticking away. And below the bird, high mountains rose up from the ground– all the roadblocks that held me back.

It’s interesting looking back now. I’m listening to this song for the first time in twelve years, and all those memories of my youth come flooding back.

And then I realize, I am free. And it feels great. I’m not trapped behind my parents’ decisions or other people’s judgements. I’m free to make my own choices.

I’m free to be me. 

And because of my freedom, I have no fears or regrets.

I have life. I have joy. I have an everlasting hope in the One who set me free.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to that hormonal pre-teen, wrap my arms around her shoulders, and tell her, “It’s going to be okay. All these trials are going to shape who you are, and it’s going to be great. Because of what you’re going through now, you’re going to experience the BEST time of your life, ten years down the road and every year after that.”

But right now, I’ll just have to bask in the elation of my freeness, look back, and smile at how God used every circumstance in my life to make me who I am.

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