Hanging Out the Laundry… A dreaded job or a form of meditation?

I am standing in the glow of the morning sun, soaking in its warmth as it crests the planet. Closing my eyes I inhale deeply. The smell of pine and wildflowers cleanse my lungs. Birds fill the air with their chirps, harmonizing with the bees and the wind rustling the trees. Their music creates a melody, a hymn to their Creator.

My muscles relax, my mind stops buzzing, and in the span of 5 seconds, the world has come to a complete stop as I slow my life to the rhythm of nature.

Slowly letting out my breath, I pick up a clothes pin and clip my next article of laundry on the line. Yes. I am hanging clothes to dry.

By hanging my clothes on the line, I have found a sense of peace. 

I have found a form of meditation that doesn’t require downward-facing-dog positions or expensive zen candles.

One of the chores we can never avoid is doing laundry. We all have to do it if we want clean clothes. And most of us dread it if we do it at all. So why make it a longer, more painful process by hanging the clothes to dry vs. using the dryer? Especially when you’re already so busy?

Or maybe that’s just another reason to do it: to force yourself to slow down.

One of my new idols, Shannon Hayes, said, “The commitment to hanging out the laundry represents a commitment to slowing down- it means starting to align one’s daily household activity with the rhythms of nature.” 

And that’s exactly it. It’s not so much a chore, as an excuse to get away from the busyness of life. An escape to enjoy a moment of crisp air and sunlight while also getting work done.

It’s also a way to save energy and money, benefit the environment, make your clothes last longer, and give you time in the sun to soak up vitamin D (I’ll spare you the lecture of good old vitamin D for another post).

After only two months of drying clothes on the line, I actually look forward to it more and more. I think anyone can enjoy it if they create the mindset that this is a way to get out and think/pray/meditate. And if you have kids, why not take them outside with you?

So, what’s stopping you from staking a clothes line in your backyard/patio and hanging your clothes to dry?

2 thoughts on “Hanging Out the Laundry… A dreaded job or a form of meditation?

  1. What a lovely blog. I love blogs about the simple everyday things of life and inviting God into those places… Te escribo de Chile…. Con Carino,

    Tina Bustamante

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