A Writing Community

I talked a little about the Mount Hermon Writers’ Conference in my last blog, (I know, it’s been a month, but I’m still not over its amazingness!) but I wanted to expand on the subject here.

The main reasons I wanted to go to a conference in the first place was to get to know the business of writing and maybe even meet with some professionals on the craft. But what I got at Mt. Hermon was so much more. Mainly, connecting with other writers.

It didn’t matter what any of us wrote. Non-fiction, fantasy, historical, zombies, you name it, we were all there. And we all had at least two things in common: our passion for God, and our passion for writing. All 400 of us.

Unlike the last writers’ conference I attended where there were only two of us ‘speculative fiction’ writers (speculative fiction= sci-fi, fantasy, and anything else weird), this conference was full of them. I met at least seven others who wrote speculative fiction, which is A LOT for a christian writers’ conference, and unlike the last conference, I didn’t get looks when I told people I wrote fantasy.

While I did get the amazing opportunity to meet agents and editors and authors, I was blessed to befriend some incredible writers who were offered agent contracts at the conference. It’s so exciting to see this new journey begin for them, and it fills me with the hope that, someday, the journey may begin for me.

But I have to say, the best part about the conference was the community. Writing is a lonely process. Community is important, especially for writers. We need other writers to encourage, inspire, and build us, and that’s exactly what I got out of the conference.

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