Creativity… A Calling?

I recently returned from the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ conference in California. Wow… what a week! Besides having the amazing opportunity to meet other writers, it was great just to be immersed in the beautiful redwoods! 

Anyways. At the conference, I took a class where the instructor said God calls us to a life of writing, not a life of publication. Now, I’m a pretty practical person. (Can you be a Christian and a writer, and still be practical??) When I started writing, it was more a hobby than anything. I never really thought of it as a calling from God. I am writing a fantasy novel, after all, and how much can anyone really minister about Christ in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist? (Ok, C. S. Lewis did it.) But why would God call me to something that didn’t directly expand His ministry? As much as I want to get published, I don’t feel like I’ll fail God if I don’t. Although my novel is filled with Christian principals, I don’t consider it something that HAS to get published for someone’s salvation. (But that would be cool if someone found Christ through my book!)

And then I thought, If writing is a calling from God, why would He call me to write a book but not publish it? What’s the point in that?

But the more I thought through all these tangled concepts, the more I came to realize that the instructor was right when she said writing is a calling from God (whether or not we get published.) Because as I look back on my life, I realize that it has been better ever since I started writing this book. By keeping all these stories and scenes and characters tightly cooped up in my mind, I was weighing myself down. But by letting these ideas explode all over Word and organizing them until they created a story that made sense, I was freeing myself.

Creativity is something that should not be bottled up. It’s something that should be expressed every day. Every hour. Two years ago I asked God to give me a passion, and He did. He told me to write.

I think I can finally say, whether or not I ever get published, my writing is a calling from God.

2 thoughts on “Creativity… A Calling?

  1. Ahhhh, so true! Creativity should not be bottled up. It’s a beautiful gift God has given us, this love for writing, and He has called us to use it to bring Him glory. Whether publication happens or not, He will take our writing and use it as He sees fit to further HIs kingdom and touch someone’s life. Great post! Blessings 🙂

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