Writing: A Delightful Obsession

It’s strange and exhilarating, this feeling I have when I write my book. Because I work 12 hr shifts at night, I don’t wake up until around 3 pm. On my nights off, I retire to the office around 10 pm and immerse myself into this world I’ve created.The night comes alive with music and words and ideas. An overwhelming joy consumes me. 

What is it about a story that makes your mind spin? That allows thick, warm blood to pound through your dilated veins until your heart overflows with life? That, when you turn your music up so loud, you lose yourself in the words and melody and rhythm until your story spills out from your fingertips with little effort at all? You forget to eat, to drink, to take time to stand up and stretch your legs.

I don’t know what it is. And I’m sure it’s not only the writers that encounter this invigorating experience. Anyone who has a passion of some sort finds it. For me… it’s what keeps me excited about the next day. And the next. And the next. The desire to get this story down on paper. The hope that those who read it will also find inspiration.

Two weeks ago I worked eight 12 hour shifts in a row. Between sleeping and working, I didn’t have time to write. But after about three days, I had to. I woke up earlier than usual so I could make time to write. It was a craving, a hunger to get these ideas out of my head and plastered on the computer screen. And when I finally did sit down to type, the story poured out of me like coke that had been bottled up, shaken, and finally released.

I guess you can call writing an addiction. But is it unhealthy? Only if it takes me away from more important things… like family and God. But I don’t think it does. I make time for them too.

Anyways… happy writing!


One thought on “Writing: A Delightful Obsession

  1. Once again you have made emotions come to life in your word and I can feel the rush! Keep on writing…….almost sounds dangerous. Make sure you check you BP every once in awhile. Love you, mom

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