Editing is Like Decorating a Christmas Tree

Instead of continuing on with writing my second book, I’ve been spending time editing my first.

Editing is a sticky process. You think you’ve finished writing a masterpiece, reverently set it aside for a few weeks, (or months, if your smart!), and move on to something new. But when you move to pick that unedited manuscript up again, you may flush in humiliation at your writing.

I least I did. I didn’t even realize how many typos I had in my first manuscript, even after reading it through a few times, until I set it aside and got back to it months later.

I was devastated.

So I went back through and fixed all my typos and grammatical errors, (there were a lot of them!) THEN I thought it was perfect.


More descriptions were needed, typos remained hidden within the pages, and some sentences simply did not make sense. It seems like no matter how often I read through my manuscript, every chapter has something to fix. I suppose this is why we have those wonderful, God-sent editors.

But the editing process could be the fun part of writing a book. An editor recently told me that your manuscript is like a Christmas Tree. It’s up. It’s complete. But now, you need to decorate it. (Or in this case, edit it.)

And if I’m being completely honest with myself, as much as I want this beast to be FINISHED, I still find joy out of editing it. I read a paragraph and make it better. Then I’m just that much more proud of my book. And if I could fix every paragraph in this way, think of how drastically my book would improve.

The edits I’m working on most this week are: changing cliche metaphors to fresh original metaphors, and using better use of descriptions. I’ve also noticed a lot of repetition with the word “intense”. Everything is intense, apparently. Intense anger, intense relief, intense bitterness, intense gaze… they’re all in there. This is why I love the thesaurus so much, because you can take one word and find ten words with similar meanings.

I grow impatient when I find published authors repeating themselves, though. They should know better. So should their editors. Edward from Twilight chuckles entirely too much. Not like I’m one to talk, since I’m not even published.

Anyways, here’s to happy editing!


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