what I’m working with…

I am currently drinking Organic Yukon Blend.

I love coffee. I live and breathe coffee. It makes the world go round. It makes a great book even better. Coffee makes everything better.

3 years ago I started working at a coffee shop. I’ve been spoiled in the fact I have been able to work with machines that quite honestly cost more than what I made last year.

For this blog, I’m wanting to focus more on home-brewing. However I may get off topic. It happens.

In this first entry I want to tell you what I’m working with… Because it’s important.

French Press by Bodum

The hands-down BEST way to drink brewed coffee. This brew method puts all others to shame. It brings out subtle yet complex flavors that no other brew system can.

Porcelain Pour-Over Brew System by Melitta

Some would argue that this is the best way to make brewed coffee. Those people are wrong. It is a great way to brew coffee. But not the best. It does make a great cup of coffee and it is the perfect way to make a single serving.

12 Cup Coffee Maker by Black & Decker

A standard coffee maker similar to what the majority of coffee drinkers have sitting on their kitchen counter. Minimal bells and whistles.

Saeco Aroma Espresso Machine

This stainless steel beaut does what the others cannot. It makes lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, etc. We use a plethora of syrups and sauces to make all sorts of concoctions. This is a great entry level espresso machine. It’s pump driven. For those in the market, NEVER NEVER NEVER get a steam driven espresso machine! (The quality and control just are not there.)

until next time!

~miguel juan

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